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Count the character and word from Text-area in jquery/ javascript

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : Download, Javascript Concept, jQuery | Oct 24,2015 | 0 comments

Sometime, we need to count the number of words , character in any editor.I have write an article by which you can easily count these things here.
1: Count the number of character : with all white space.
2: Count the number of character : without the white space.
3: Count the number of words .

Here example is introduced in javascript/jquery and HTML language. So it’s very easy to understand each and everything. As per my advice, the work which will done via fronted language,should do on front-end language only.It is very important for website speedup.

Let’s try Online Demo here

You can download codethe code from here, click here for download

It is an HTML file and main jquery file. For running this, you need a web browser like and just double click on it and it will start the run.

If you need any difficulties then please share with me.


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