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Difference between Method and function

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It is an very important topic and generally ask in interview. it’s very confusion for mostly programmer for displaying the difference.

Now here I will explain about the difference in many languages like C, C++ , C# , JAVA and JAVA SCRIPT.

Differences are :

1: When any function call directly i.e call by function name only , then these functions are called function.

while when any function call by the help of object i.e objectName.functionName then this function is called Method.

//function main in C language 
void main(){
int x1 , x2, x3;
x1= 5;
x3 = x2 - x1;
printf("Sum is %d",x3);
main function will call without any object so it is called function.


//in java language 
public class heycodetech{
 public substraction(int a,int b){
   int c;
     c = a - b;
    system.out.println("The value of c = "+c);

This function can't be call automatically so we need to create an object for calling it.
//create instance of object
    heycodetech Obj = new heycodetech();
    //call instance method using object
    Obj .substraction();

2 : Function can be used in both (Object oriented and Non object oriented) Like C, C++, Javascript .
While Method can be found in only Object oriented language like java, c#.

3: Functions are called independently .
while Method are called using instance or object.

4: It doesn’t have access controlling i.e Function declared and define it’s body anywhere.
while Method have access controlling i.e Declared and define in a class.

5: Function don’t have any reference variable.
while Method is called by reference variable.

6:In javascript, let’s see an example .

function heycodetech(par1,par2){
 console.log("Both parameter value : 1 =  " +par1+ " , 2 = "+par2);

//It is called a function because I can call it directly.

Now another way of creating function .

var obj = {
                 console.log("Both parameter value : 1 =  " +par1+ " , 2 = "+par2);
//for calling this method, I need to use object : obj
So it is an Method.

Hope by using of this information, you can understand about difference between : Function and Method : .
Please share the own idea about it also .


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