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How to use pem file in filezila

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As we know that for connecting the SERVER structure,we need three things.
a)- HostName
b)- Username
c)- password

But in that time, security is a major concern. So everyone wants to secure the password that’s why password has encrypted in “ .pem “ file .

Now here,we are describing about uses the “.pem “ file in FILEZILA .

Download as a PDF
When you open the filezila then it will seen something like –

When you need to use the “.pem “ file then please follow these described steps :-
Step -1 : Click on the link – Edit > then > Settings .

Step -2 :After clicking on the link “ settings “ you will seen the dashboard something like this.

Follow the path ->
Click -> Connection then click -> SFTP and then click -> Add Key File

Step 3: When click on the link “ Add key file “ then you need to pick up the pem file .

In the windows system, you need to save this pem file with different name once more, so please do it also .

Step 4: When you will select this pem file then it will automatically attached in FILEZILA.

After that you need to click on the button : ok : for saving all the settings otherwise it will not work.

Step 5: Now this is the last step for connecting . In this step, you will enter the
a )- Host name
b) – username
c )- port name = 22 (Mandatory for 22)

and click on the link : QuickConnect :


Please let me know if need anything else.


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