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Install WordPress Plugins without FTP Access

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : wordpress, WordPress Functions | Nov 2,2015 | 0 comments

As we know that in sometime, I have an administrator login and want to upgrade or install a new plugin but WordPress asking for the FTP details and can’t install or upgrade it. This is a common issues whereby WordPress can’t provide permission to write the folder :/wp-content: .


Here I ‘m describing the two methods for solving this problem .In the both cases you need to write the file : wp-config.php : on root location.

1: Direct Method

This is the easier way for resolving this problem for inserting the constant : FS_METHOD : in your file wp-config.php.
Here is the stpes.

1.1 : Open the file : wp-config.php : on the root location .
1.2 : Insert the constant : FS_METHOD : in that file.



1.3 : Save this file.

2: FTP Method

By using of this method, you need to provide the FTP details in file : wp-config.php : and then it allow to update/install a new theme without asking for FTP details.
1.1 : Open the file : wp-config.php : on the root location .
1.2 : Insert the constant : FTP DETAILS : in that file.

define( 'FTP_USER', 'username' );
define( 'FTP_PASS', 'password' );
define( 'FTP_HOST', '' );


1.3 : Save this file.

Conclusion :

By using of this way, you can install/update plugin without asking the FTP details.Sometime,we don’t define our FTP details in any file so that time,you can follow the method 1 i.e define the constant : FS_METHOD : I think that it is the good way to do own task without showing our credentials.

Share the idea’s and inspired me for own suggestion .


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