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Setting WordPress permalink structure

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : wordpress, WordPress Functions | Nov 20,2015 | 0 comments

WordPress default permalink is not most SEO friendly and user friendly i.e it has the number i.e ID with question mark sign (?) so that’s the main reason, we need to change the permalink and make the URL SEO friendly.

Why Need SEO Friendly URL Structure
In the current world, everyone wants to see the own website on the TOP ranking and GOOGLE gives the extra weight to the URL structure,so we need to make the URL structure as compatible to the SEO.

WordPress have provided the facility to change the permalink easily.

For setting the permalink you need to login the WordPress admin dashboard and follow the path-

Path : Settings -> Permalinks

Then your dashboard will look like
Permalink Settings ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-20 05-51-33

Now you can seen all the available permalink options as well as default previously setting options. Now you need to change as per SEARCH ENGINE standard rule as well as own website requirement.

Common Settings

Mostly website have the permalink of POST NAME. But in spite of this, WordPress have some few options more and you can pickup on this also.

Permalink Settings ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-20 05-48-33

So you need to select the option : post name : and press the button : Save changes :,your permalink have been updated.

Custom Setting

Now WordPress have provided the few permalink settings like
i : Default
ii : Day and Name
iii: Month and Name
iv : Numeric
v : Post Name
and one more
vi : Custom Structure

Now for selecting from : i – v :,you need to just select and press the button : Save Changes : and your permalink have been updated but for the option : vi : you need to setting the structure as per requirement.

Here are the some options which is very common and mostly use .

1: Need the category and post name in URL


then your looks like :

2: Need the : .html : at the last in URL


then your looks like :

3: Any constant text like customText in middle of URL


then your looks like :

Note :In the URL,#category# => change to category name,
#postname# => change to post name.

Permalink Settings ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-20 05-47-21

Here is the available combination which is used for custom permalink.

%postname% – The post slug i.e post name of your post
%post_id% – The unique ID i.e post id  of a post
%category% – The category name a post was assigned to
%year% –    Year the article was published
%monthnum% – Month the article was published
%day% – Day the article was published
%hour% – Hour the article was published
%minute% – Minute the article was published
%second% – Second the article was published
%author% – Author name

You can seen the apply permalink structure in page/post or any CPT like
Edit Post ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-20 08-34-05

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