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How To Make Your WordPress Admin Columns Sortable

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : admin customization, wordpress | Dec 6,2015 | 1 comments

Sometimes,we need to sort the posts listing(In admin dashboard) by desired custom key.For implementing the sorting of the posts,we need to write the code.This article is describing about it i.e how to develop the sorting of post listing . As we know that…

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How to Register & Display Sidebars in WordPress

Sidebar is a very special feature of WordPress and introduced in WordPress version 2.2 .By using of this,you can make the own website page as a STRUCTURE DYNAMIC. In the sidebar section,you will create an WIDGET of page, post, custom post type, contact…

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How to create child theme in WordPress

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : Admin Feature, Child Theme, wordpress | Oct 18,2015 | 1 comments

A child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality and styling of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes are the recommended way of modifying an existing theme. Why use a Child Theme? Here this article describes the few reasons for…

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How to create custom widget in wordpress

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : Admin Feature, widget, wordpress | Sep 27,2015 | 0 comments

Widget is a very special feature in wordpress.Now in current information, it plays a very magical role in wordpress. Many types of the plugins, who are using it in many where like MegaMenu, Optimizepress theme use in editor, Visual Editor plugin etc .…

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Upload images in WP Post Attachment

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : Admin Feature, wordpress | Sep 26,2015 | 0 comments

The article explains about uploading the images in post attachment. Now post attachment images are connected to our posts and will get when ever we needed . Here is the steps how we can upload it . Before uploading the images, we understand…

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