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WordPress backup without FTP and DATABASE

For saving our website data is a very big challenge. Now everyone have used the different method like
i : Daily backup from server file and database,
ii : Use any back mechanism which works as a crawler.
iii: Establish a machine which takes backup etc

Now for accepting, all the above discussion is a very big things as well as big cost.

Now for the WordPress website, lot of plugins are available by which you can use it. So Here I ‘m describing the two methods by which you can secure own website content.

1 : Plugin Method.
2 : Default WP Feature (XML Backup Method).
Let’s start the discussion.

1 : Plugin Method :

For using the plugin, you need to visit the WordPress official website where lot of plugins have hosted .Now I ‘m describing some here.

a ) – BackUpWordPress
b ) – BackWPup Free – WordPress Backup Plugin
You need to install anyone and follow it’s settings. It’s setting is available on official website .

2 : Default WP Feature (XML Backup Method)

Now it is the default and very simple method for backup of the content .It’s method have one draw back – It can’t take the backup of the image folder i.e wp-content/uploads.

But for the content backup, it is very easy and useful .
Let’s follow all the steps for backup of the content.

Step 1 : Login with administrator account .

Step 2 : Click on the menu : Tools : then you can seen sub-menu with name –Export .

Export ‹ shankwp wordpress study matterieals — WordPress 2015-11-14 00-08-51

Just one click on Button : Download Export File : and your backup will saved in .XML file.

Now after backup, you can import this file in any other website for importing this content.

Importing the XML backup in another WordPress website:

For importing the data, You need to install this plugin : WordPress Importer :. After installing this plugin, you need to follow these steps.

Step – 1 :
For importing the XML file , see the Path : Tools -> Import : and click on the link : Import : then your dashboard will look like –

Import ‹ shankwp wordpress study matterieals — WordPress 2015-11-14 00-16-26

Here is the available list of system by which you can import/use the data. Now press the WordPress because you have backup of the WordPress.

Step – 2 :

Import ‹ shankwp wordpress study matterieals — WordPress 2015-11-14 00-17-38-2

In this step, you will upload the XML file and press the button : Upload file and Import : for importing all the data.

Your data have been uploaded successfully.

Conclusion :
Hope so it will help for creating a new posts or updating any existing posts but still if you have any query then please share with me .


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