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WordPress Dashboard – How to create Page

Posted by : Heycode Tech | Posted in : Download, wordpress, WordPress Dashboard Introduction | Nov 11,2015 | 0 comments

Recently one of my friend asked me for WordPress dashboard i.e how to create posts,page ,attachment image etc . So here I ‘m describing about it.

For creating a new post, You need to follow these steps. Here I ‘m describing all these steps in brief.

I understand that you allready loggedin with admin account .

Then your dashboard will look like this.

Dashboard ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-11 09-06-46

Let’s start all the steps :-

A : Create New Page

1: For creating a new page, just click on the menu : Pages : then you can seen all the available pages list.

1Pages ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-11 09-35-57

When you click on the link : Add New : then your page will appear look like this .

Add New Page ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-11 09-05-39

Here you can seen all the available default options . Sometime it can be also increase with some new field .

You can enter the content as per own requirement like .

1 : Enter the title.
2: Enter the content.
3: Upload the featured image.
4: Select page attribute like
This page will be any child page of your selected parent page .
Order for showing on frontend.
5: Press the button : Publish : for save all the records and your page have been created.
B : Update Page :
For updating the page, we need to select the page which you need to update. So first click on the admin menu : Pages : for listing all the pages.

2Pages ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-11 09-48-01

For updating any page, you need to click on the page title OR move the mouse over the page title then you can seen a hover link ‘ Edit ‘ then just click on it.

Then your dashboard will look like this .

Edit Page ‹ wptest — WordPress 2015-11-11 09-12-41

After clicking on the page title,you can seen all the available options like .
See the above screenshot –

1 : Update the page title.
2: Update the page content.
3: Update the featured image.
4: Update the page attribute if need.
5: After changes all these things, you need to press button : Update : for updating all the records.

After updating you can visit the page on frontend and check all the updation.

Conclusion :
Hope so it will help for creating a new posts or updating any
existing posts but still if you have any query then please share with me .


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